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Survey – Culturally Inclusive Foods in Hospitals and Long Term Care

Culturally Inclusive Foods in Hospitals and Long Term Care Survey

You may be eligible to participate if you are currently:

  • A practicing registered dietitian or
  • Food service director, and
  • Work in a United States hospital or long-term care facility

Minakshi Raj, PhD is seeking to understand your experiences and perspectives related to culturally inclusive foods in hospitals and long-term care facilities. She is a University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign researcher.

Interested in participating in the 30-minute survey to get an Amazon gift card, or have any questions? raj@illinois.edu. Survey ends 9/30/22.

Imported Infant Formula – FDA Press Release

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the availability of educational resources for parents and caregivers with questions about using the hundreds of millions of bottles worth of imported infant formula headed to the U.S.

Parents and caregivers should have confidence that our collective work with federal partners, manufacturers and retailers means more infant formula that is safe and nutritious, including product coming in from other countries, is on shelves nationwide. The information and resources the agency is providing should help parents and caregivers find and understand how to use these safe, nutritious infant formula products that are comparable to those they’ve traditionally seen on store shelves,” said FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf, M.D. “Importantly, a combination of increased domestic production and infant formula being imported is steadily improving what parents and caregivers are seeing on the shelves. We will continue our around-the-clock efforts to make sure that parents and caregivers have access to safe and nutritious infant formula where and when they need it.”

See full documents with details below.
Press release: http://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-provides-educational-resources-parents-and-caregivers-support-confidence-imported-infant-formula

Resources page:http://www.fda.gov/news-events/infant-formula-information-and-ongoing-fda-efforts-increase-supply/resources-parents-and-caregivers-imported-infant-formula

Consumer Update in English and Spanish published


Rosario Quintanilla (she/her/hers)
Public Affairs Specialist,
Office of Communications and Project Management
Office of Regulatory Affairs
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Tel: 949-608-4407 or cell 949-812-0600

Global TeleNutrition Consortium Survey Participants Needed – Results presented at FNCE in October 2022

GTNC is an all-volunteer international research group that is hoping to include California registered dietitians’ prospective in their study results on telenutriton dietitian practices when remote from the patient. More details: https://globaltelenutrition.org/ 

GTNC is IRB approved in the US through Oregon Health and Sciences University, the Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. The PI and overall IRB (Ethics) is from New Zealand. Our medical advisor is Faith Ottery MD PhD who dietitians may have heard of due to her creation of the screening tool, the PG-SGA. GTNC has a number of states contributing so far, and would like to request the same for California to allow inclusion of California dietetics practices. GTNC expects to be gathering surveys for at least another month.  If your members are attending FNCE in Orlando, the results to date will be presented at FNCE by Dr. Ottery and Joy Heimgarnter MS, RD, from the Mayo Clinic.


COVID-19 has dramatically altered the provision of healthcare around the world. We are interested in how you have undertaken nutrition care while maintaining social distancing or working remotely.

This international survey seeks dietitians from all practice settings who provide a minimum of one direct patient care interaction per week. Regardless of whether or not you have had experience of delivering nutrition care while working separately from your patients/clients, we would appreciate your help.

By participating in this survey, you will help to provide insights into the nutrition care practice of dietitians when situations prevent patients/clients being in the same room as health care practitioners.

The study is anonymous but if you have any questions further information is available from: Joanna Cummings, cummijoa@ohsu.edu.

This study has been approved by the Oregon Health & Science University Institutional Review Board on 12/15/2021 for three years. IRB number 00023944.

Please complete the survey by accessing it here:   https://nettskjema.no/a/gtnc2usa

We value your time and hope that you can help us with this research. Thank you and your board for consideration.

Warmest thanks,
Terese Scollard MBA RDN LD FAND, tessmsc@icloud.com 503-939-1605
and Sue McDonell
On behalf of the Global Telenutrition Consortium

Welcome Message from President Fatinah Darwish-Elsherbiny, MPH, RDN

Welcome new members, and for our continuing members, welcome back!

I am thrilled to serve as your California Academy President for 2022-2023. To date, nearly 6,500 Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), Nutrition Dietetic Technicians Registered (NDTRs), and students are part of our organization. Considering the vast number of nutrition professionals in California, we have the potential to be one of the most influential state affiliates. We are looking to members like you to revolutionize the dietetic profession and lead the way in improving the health of Californians, especially post pandemic. One way you can develop and enhance your leadership skills is by attending our upcoming Leadership Summit, Leading in Crucial Times – The New Normal of Connecting and Strengthening in San Diego, CA August 19th-20th, 2022. Speaker proposals are now being accepted and conference registration will be open in June.

As a daughter of immigrant parents, I understand the value in moving our organization towards inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (I.D.E.A.) and know firsthand the challenges many women of color face when becoming an RDN. Last year, our executive board created a Vice President of I.D.E.A. position – a proposal generated during a virtual member listening session in 2020 to address the lack of diversity among dietetic professionals. We will continue our commitment to support I.D.E.A. by working closely with members to foster a culture that addresses implicit bias and promotes equity, respect, and civility. Our goal is to increase member involvement from all genders, racial/ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, disability status and socioeconomic levels. Additionally, support and mentor historically marginalized and underrepresented students by removing barriers to entering and completing dietetics education and training.

Lastly, I wanted to remark on the devastating impact of the infant formula shortage across the nation. No baby should ever experience hunger. It is truly heartbreaking hearing stories about babies admitted to the NICU for malnutrition and online sellers increasing formula prices by nearly 300%. If you or someone you know have been affected by this crisis, resources are available through the Academy’s Infant Formula Safety Hub. We also invite you to read more about the Academy’s advocacy efforts and how you can get engaged on this issue.

I look forward to working with you and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together. Cheers to a successful year and good health!

Fatinah Darwish-Elsherbiny, MPH, RDN
CA Academy President 2022-2023

Vote for your California Academy leadership – coming February 2023!

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