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California Academy Delegates

There are 5 delegates representing the CA Academy in the House of Delegates. Each delegate is representative to two area districts and serves on an executive board council.  The delegate serves a 3-year term, and is eligible to serve for 2 terms consecutively. The delegate must reside in one of the two area districts being represented:

  1. Bay Area District (#01) AND Silicon Valley District (#07)
  2. Northern Area District (#02) AND Diablo Valley District (#09)
  3. Coastal Tri Counties (#03) AND Central Valley District (#06)
  4. Los Angeles District (#04) AND Inland District (#10)
  5. San Diego District (#05) AND Orange District (#08)

Benefits of Leadership

Here are just a few benefits current delegates have expressed –

  • Networking with California Academy Executive Board members, representatives from other states, professionals in other professions, and everyone else in between;
  • California Academy and Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics support to attend local and national meetings;
  • Leadership continuing education units;
  • Leadership training;
  • Developing friendships with dietetics practitioners throughout the state;
  • Being part of the change you want to see in the Academy and in your practice;
  • Contributing to the future of dietetics practice and policy;
  • and so much more!

Delegates News

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