California Academy Partnerships

California Academy Sponsorship Policy

The California Academy welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with
companies, organizations, and individuals who align with our mission and
vision. We strive to work with entities that not only support our organization
but also our individual members by employing them or providing internship
The California Academy Sponsorship Policy guides our decision-making
process while working with outside entities on programs and initiatives that
provide benefits for our members. We encourage potential sponsors and
exhibitors that align with the following values and indicators to join us at our
2024 Annual Conference. Our policy includes three core values: nutrition,
health, and sustainability; integrity; and transparency. See details below.

Nutrition, Health & Sustainability

• The sponsor’s food and beverage recommendations align with the latest
version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
• The sponsor’s products and services are based on evidence-based
research that aligns with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position
Papers on complex issues related to nutrition, health, and sustainability.


• The sponsor’s vision and mission align with the California Academy’s
vision and mission.
• The sponsor’s product or ingredient claims adhere to United States
Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and guidelines for food
and supplement marketing.
• The sponsor adheres to the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEU) Prior Approval Program
Provider Policy Manual.

• The sponsor adheres to FTC guidelines when marketing to children and


• All sponsored relationships and programs are clearly disclosed to
California Academy members.


Sponsor Opportunities

The California Academy is offering a wide variety of options for sponsors to
share information, insights, and inspiration with our 2024 conference
attendees. Companies and organizations may sponsor general sessions,
breakout sessions, meals, breaks, and receptions as well as purchase exhibit
Entities that are interested in sponsoring education sessions must submit
proposals to be reviewed and approved by the California Academy Annual
Conference Planning Committee prior to being accepted. Speakers of
sponsored education sessions must disclose all financial relationships to the
audience at the beginning of their presentation.
Sponsors of education sessions must agree to adhere to all CDR marketing
and disclosure policies. See section 7.1 of the CDR CPEU Prior Approval
Program Provider Policy Manual for specific details.

Any education materials that are part of CPEU content (such as
PowerPoint slides, abstracts, handouts, fact sheets, evaluation
mechanisms, or disclosure information) must not contain any
logos, trade names, or product group messages or images,
from any colleges, universities, health systems,
foundations, nonprofits, or corporations.

If you are uncertain if you are meeting our sponsorship guidelines and policy,
please reach out to the California Academy Sponsorship Chair Vicky Flaig, MEd,
RDN at for assistance