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The annual membership fee for ACTIVE RDNs and NDTRs is $30 and for students, dietetic interns, and retired professionals is $10.


As an active member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  and California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , you are invited to join Orange District (OD). We are your local dietetic association. Each year we reach out to professionals like you as part of our Membership Campaign to request and encourage your support in continuing to provide you and other dietetics professionals with opportunities to network and develop knowledge and expertise. Orange District is a non-profit organization and we depend on your membership and contributions since we do not receive any funds from either state or national organizations.

Many great dietetic professionals generously donate their time and talent to OD, making this a dynamic and successful organization. Thank you to all the professionals who volunteer time to OD.


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Orange District Leadership

Executive Board

Marina Savelyeva, RD

Alicia Grabowski

Past President
Hector Vasquez, MS, RD

Audri Atencio, MS, RD

Carly Carter, MPH, RDN, CSP

Public Policy Chair
Shelby Yaceczko, MS, RDN, CNSC  Catherine Mussatti, RDN

Sponsorship Chair
Viktoria Waite

Professional Mentoring Representative
Lauren Kaida

Communications Chair

Media Chair/Historian-Media Chair James Childers, MS, RDN

Newsletter Co-Editor

Education Chair
Christi Coy, MS, RDN, FAND

Sponsorship Chair
Viktoria Waite

Bylaws Chair
Linda McLean

Community Nutrition Chair
Emily Kiresich

Professional Mentoring Representative            Lauren Kaida

Delegate Representative                                Lisa Gibson

Student Liaison                                                  Kaylee Bacani