2022 Election Results


Silva Boumjahed, RD

Home District: Silicon Valley

VP of Member Benefits 

Jassi Kaur, PhD, MS, RDN

Home District: Bay Area

Nominating Committee

Tiffany Horne, MAS, RD, CNSC

Home District:  Bay Area

Secretary Treasurer

Vicky Flaig, MEd, RDN 

Home District: Northern Area 

Delegate Area 3

Cynthia Tovar, RD, CLEC

Home District: Central Valley

Nominating Committee

Ashley Rosales, RD 

Home District:  Northern Area

VP of Public Policy

Anet Piridzhanyan, MS, RDN

Home Region: Los Angeles

Nominating Committee

Janine Doggett, MS, RDN, CNSC

Home District: San Diego

2023 Nominations will open in Summer 2022

Election Results – Voting February 1-15, 2023