Exciting Partnership Announcement: CA Academy Teams Up with Group Concepts for Association Management

The 2023-2024 CA Academy Executive Board is thrilled to announce our official partnership with Group Concepts as the Association Management Company for the CA Academy for the next two years. Established in 1976, Group Concepts is a trusted full-service association management company with a three-generation legacy. They prioritize transparency and ethical business practices and bring extensive experience in navigating highly regulated industries, particularly healthcare. Notably, they’ve effectively organized and facilitated continuing education programs for registered dietitians through one of their esteemed clients. Stay tuned for more insights into Group Concepts in our upcoming communications.

California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a not-for-profit membership association of approximately 6,000 registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), nutrition dietetic technicians registered (NDTRs), and students committed to improving California’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education, and advocacy. 

Did you know? If you are an Academy member, then you are automatically a member of your home state’s affiliate, so you are also a California Academy member. Please use the same username and password to login to the CA Academy website as you do to login to the Academy website.

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Academy members are engaged, passionate professionals who are encouraged to participate in continuing education opportunities that support lifelong learning.

What is a Registered Dietitian (RD) or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?

Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist.  But, only an RD or RDN has completed multiple layers of education and training established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. All RDs or RDNs must:

  • Get a four-year degree that includes a specially designed, accredited nutrition curriculum.
  • Complete an extensive supervised program of practice at a health care facility, foodservice organization, or community agency.
  • Pass a rigorous registration exam.
  • Maintain continuing education credits throughout their career. 

How can a Dietitian Help you?

The RD/RDN is a health care professional educated in nutrition and foods who is able to translate scientific information into practical solutions to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes. Specialized education and training prepare RD/RDNs to provide medical nutrition therapy; they are also trained to provide nutrition counseling/education to promote and advocate optimal health for all.

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