We are beginning a new year and transitioned to a new federal administration and the 117th Congress! To be sure, much to be done. It is extremely important to maintain grassroots efforts and communication with our legislators. Please consider being an ambassador in your district! All legislation on our watchlist is important and builds recognition and rapport with other organizations. To that end, the Academy has partnered with the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education to encourage Congress to provide $300 million in funding for minority-serving institutions that would support allied health serving programs including nutrition and dietetics. See the link below to take action and support, and thank you for your advocacy if you have already completed all action alerts.

“Fear never builds the future, but hope does” ~ President Joe Biden

Action Items!

The Academy has also added a website page to track statewide legislation-check it out here! The California Legislature is just getting started and we will be tracking bills as they are introduced. State Advocacy Legislation