Public Policy Workshop

On March 12, 2018, 200 nutrition students, interns, RDNS, and DTRs attended CAND's Public Policy Workshop, With Appetities for Advocacy, RDNs Bring Expertise to the Table! Attendees met with their respected legislators and discussed CAND's public policy priorities and CAND monitored bills.  


Senator Mike McGuire of Santa Rosa was awarded Legislator of the Year Award for his efforts on expediting and increasing access to reduced-price school meal programs with SB 138, which was passed into law last year.


Senator Robert Hertzberg of Los Angeles declared March as National Nutrition Month (SCR 104) on the Senate floor. Constituent Ruth Frechman, Heidi Kiehl (CAND State Public Policy Representative) and Lorri Holzberg (CAND Vice President of Public Policy) were present on the Senator floor during the introduction of this resolution. 


CANDPPW18 Pre-Workshop Event

March 11, 2018

The dairy farm tour was free for all registered  CANDPPW18 attendees. 

The Dairy Council of California hosted an in-depth dairy farm tour experience that allowed attendees  to see a working dairy farm and interact with a dairy farmer. The tour included a visit to a dairy farm outside of Sacramento, followed by an afternoon reception.  Continuing education units were  provided for attending the tour.