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October 26, 2021

Dear California Academy Members,

We previously shared with you that the Academy and Board of Directors were proposing changes to the Academy Bylaws and Governance Structure Model. We held a Townhall meeting for the California Academy members to engage on the topic and participate in the discussion.

Thank you to all members who submitted comments for the Academy Bylaws. The delegate votes are as follows for each motion:

 HOD Electronic Motion #1 Article XV Amendments: Methods
Motion 1: 96 supported/13 opposed – motion carried
**As a result, the House of Delegates retains the authority to vote on future bylaws amendments.
Motion #1 carried by an overwhelming majority based on comments from Academy members.

HOD Electronic Motion #2 Article XV Amendments: Notice
Motion 2: 24 supported/76 opposed – motion rejected
**As a result, “to the Academy membership” will not be added to The bylaws.
Motion #2 was rejected because the HOD Policy and Procedures already allow for 45 days notice to members before voting on changes to the bylaws.


Your California Affiliate Delegates
Lesli Doshier, MS, RD
Jo Miller, MPH, RDN
Lisa Gibson, MS, RDN, FAND
Wanda Siu-Chan, MS, RD
Kelly Warner, MPH, RDN