Company: Long Beach Unified School District

Position Offered: Child Nutrition Specialist Job Description (paste your description here): JOB SUMMARY Under general supervision, plan, coordinate and implement District-wide nutrition education promotional programs and activities; develop and provide nutrition education training opportunities for District staff and parents; participate in developing District menus and recipes; serve as a technical resource to District staff, parents and others regarding nutrition and health; perform related duties as assigned.


The classification specification does not describe all duties performed by all incumbents within the class.

This summary provides examples of typical tasks performed in this classification.

  • Plan, coordinate and implement a variety of District-wide nutrition education promotional programs and activities such as Harvest of the Month and Nutrition Advisory Council in accordance with established procedures and regulations. E • Serve as a technical resource to District staff, parents and others regarding nutrition and health; respond to inquiries and provide information concerning programs, policies and procedures related to health and nutrition. E • Participate in researching, developing and testing District menus, serving guides and recipes; test and make recommendations regarding testing procedures, purchase of new food items, improved recipes, new products and menu items; conduct cooking and taste tests at school sites. E • Develop special diets for students according to physician instructions and District policy. E • Analyze food products and menu patterns utilizing specialized software; assure nutritional content and meal component standard comply with applicable regulations and nutritional standards; assure products are compatible with meal cost limitations and recommend selling prices as appropriate; calculate serving sizes; analyze planned menus for a variety of special programs. E • Develop nutrition education training workshops for District staff and parents; provide training to District teachers regarding linking nutrition education to core curriculum standards; coordinate, schedule and conduct meetings, training sessions, workshops, conferences and special events for District staff, parents and the community. E • Develop and set up materials for training workshops; duplicate handouts, create overhead slides, prepare packets of information for attendees and assure appropriate training materials are available for use. E Develop and adapt nutrition lesson plans for teachers; preview and recommend appropriate classroom materials, videos and books for purchase; survey teachers to assess success of trainings and determine materials and information utilized in the classroom; distribute, collect and tally teacher survey results; package and distribute reinforcement items to teachers who respond to surveys. E • Provide culturally and linguistically appropriate nutrition information and materials to parents and community members; perform food demonstrations and taste tests. E • Prepare, handle, store and transport food items in accordance with health and safety regulations; maintain equipment, carts and utensils in a clean and sanitary condition; wash cooking and serving equipment and utensils. E • Support community, regional and statewide efforts towards nutrition education and physical activity promotion; participate in a wide variety of meetings and conferences; attend health fairs and other related events; develop and make presentations at events as requested. E • Estimate and order food and supplies needed for assigned activities; communicate with outside vendors and Nutrition Center staff regarding orders; plan for the use of surplus food in menus and recommend ordering of surplus foods. E • Provide portable cooking carts to qualifying schools; order and assemble carts; order and stock cooking cart utensils; facilitate installation of cabinet locks and delivery of cooking carts. E • Visit school sites to observe nutrition activities and assess site needs; conduct training for school staff supervising eating areas; provide technical assistance to site staff regarding preparing and serving foods; drive a vehicle to various sites to conduct work. E
  • Enhance eating environments of school cafeterias; purchase and distribute attractive healthy eating and physical activity materials such as posters and other informative items. E • Prepare and maintain a variety of files, records and reports related to assigned activities; compose and distribute a variety of correspondence and materials concerning health, nutrition and related programs including brochures and newsletters. E • Communicate with administrators, outside organizations and District staff to coordinate activities, resolve issues and exchange information. E • Operate a variety of office equipment including a computer and assigned software; operate standard nutrition service equipment such as blenders, skillets, food processors and can openers. E • Perform related duties as assigned.

Note: At the end of some of the duty statements there is an italicized “E” which identifies essential duties required of the classification. This is strictly for use in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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