Core Functions

The core functions of the House of Delegates include:

  • Member Focus
  • Information Systems/Communications
  • Strategic Thinking/Visioning
  • New Products/Services Development
  • Governance (Processes for Governing the Profession)
  • Professional Leadership
  • Setting Policy for the Profession
  • Financial
  • Public Policy

Click here for more details about these core functions that guide delegates to meet the needs of members.

To be an effective delegate requires understanding and ability to communicate to members with the distinction between “representative for” and “representative of” models of operation. Elected leaders who are part of national governance bodies (i.e. board of directors) have a clear understanding of this distinction. Effective leaders in the HOD represent the best interests of the organization.

“Representative Of” Model — Used by Academy HOD “Representative For” Model

• Delegate discusses the positive, the negative and the new idea with other delegates at the meeting

• Delegates are presenting the positive, negative and any new ideas

• Allows all delegates to hear trends in positive and negative comments and to consider the new ideas

• Delegates then consider what they have learned in the discussion

• May decide to vote for the new idea because of other information shared at the meeting

• Delegate only discusses the major opinion

• Only regarding the feedback and votes

• Delegate is only thinking of the voice of majority of feedback received

• Needs of minority is not considered in solutions

• Approach to issues is unilateral, not thinking the big picture

Delegates News

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