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CAND Public Policy and Advocacy

Public Policy Council

Member list for 2016 - 2018

CAND's Public Policy Council represents the members in all legislative, regulatory and reimbursement issues related to the dietetics profession.

CAND Public Policy Priorities, 2016

Laws Governing RDNs in California

Regulations Affecting RDNs in California

2014 CMS Ruling on Therapeutic Diet Orders (TDOs)

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Public Policy Workshop 2016

PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016 PPW 2016

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Public Policy Council Members

Vice President Public Policy Council

Lorri Holzberg, MA, RDN
Oversees and coordinates all activities of the Public Policy Council; member of the CAND Executive Board.

AND Delegate Representative to Public Policy Council

Monica McCorkle, MS, RDN, CDE

Public Policy Coordinator

Fatinah Darwish
Organizes grassroots efforts with AND for CAND's participation in pertinent federal legislative activities related to food and nutrition; engages members for action alerts on federal legislation; leads delegation to Public Policy Workshop.

State Policy Representative

Heidi Kiehl, RDN, CNSC
Coordinates state legislative activities and Public Policy Workshop California (PPW CA); chairs the State Policy Committee

Healthcare Reimbursement Representative (HCR)

Lisa Gibson, MS, RDN, FAND
Works with AND and the State Regulatory Specialists on all healthcare reimbursement issues; keeps the affiliate informed on healthcare reimbursement regulations.

Consumer Protection and Licensure Coordinators

Pat Booth, MS, RDN, FADA and Taisiya Kupriyanova, RD, CDE
Works on profession-related issues, such as scope of practice and licensure.

State Regulatory Specialists

Denise Chapel, MPH, MS, RDN, CCC and Judy Gould, MA, MS, RDN
Monitor state regulatory information; works with state issues related to health care, promotion of the RDN in health care; and changes in health care.

Public Policy CA Workshop Coordinators

Nancy Jacobson, MS, RDN, CDE and Molly Kitamura, RDN

State Legislation Coordinator

Karen Murray Harvey, MS, RDN

Public Policy Newsletter Editor

Fatinah Darwish, RD

Legislative Ambassador Coordinator

Ashley Rosales, RD

Congressional Ambassador Coordinator

Lauren Pitts, MA, RD

Student Club Liaison

Jackie Burke

DPG Consultants to Public Policy Council

Linda Gigliotti, MS, RDN, CDE (Weight Management)
Sarah Koszyk, MA, RD (Nutrition Entreprenuers)

CAND Lobbyist in Sacramento

Jim Gross and Missy Johnson of Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Gross, Leoni, LLPs, 1415 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

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District Public Policy Representatives

Bay Area District #1 (BAD)

Tiffany Horne, RDN, CNSC and Steven Blankenship

Northern Area District #2 (NAD)

Joey Miller, MPH, RDN and Vicky Flaig, MEd, RDN

Coastal Tri-Counties District #3 (CTC)

Fiona McKiernan

Los Angeles District #4 (LAD)

Doris Delgado

San Diego District #5 (SDD)

Ann Lake, MS, RDN, CNSD and Kara Zimmerman, RD and Jaren Soloff, RD, CLE and Jaclyn Gaylis

Central Valley District #6 (CVD)

Ashley Larsen, RD and Jana Mowrer, MPH, RDN

Silicon Valley District #7 (SVD)

Taisiya Kupriyanova, RDN and Casey Morgan, RD

Orange District #8 (OD)

Jennifer DeFrain, RD and Alexa Frunzi and Krystyn Parks, MS, RD

Diablo Valley District #9 (DVD)

Scott Austin, RDN

Inland Empire District #10 (IDDA)

Sarah Thomlinson and Lindsey Morse

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