Coastal Tri-Counties Sponsorship Opportunities!
Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor of and/or donor to the CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - Coastal Tri-Counties District (CAND-CTC).

The goals of our sponsorship program are as follows:
  • To work with the food and health industry to build awareness of the local CAND-CTC and its members,
  • To share science-based information, new research and industry trends in health, food and nutrition with members,
  • To enable the CAND-CTC to reach a wider consumer audience with healthy eating and living messages/tools than it could reach using its own resources,
  • Providing CAND-CTC approved educational tools and materials to CTC members that are useful in their professional work with the public and lastly,
  • To create consumer nutrition education messages and comuunications programs to make them consistent with sound science and Academy positions and philosophies.

Download the following informational and procedural documents to begin the process!
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